Explorer : A Platform-as-a-Service for remote asset management

Bitbytelab is a deep tech company specializing in designing robotic platform for asset monitoring i.e. underground train tunnels, water pipes, bridges and many more.

The aim of this project is to design a portable hardware module and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for remote asset management. The project incorporates advance image processing approach that allow customers to make a 3D model of any asset from a series of

Demo of SaaS platform


This technology is intended for both government and private entities that are interested in monitoring large infrastructures for structural integrity and maintenance.

According to one survey, there’s a $3 billion-a-year sewer-inspection market in the U.S. alone. Our goal is to create a system that allows government and private entities to better allocate capital spending while making Operations & Maintenance (O&M) more cost effective through automation.

Infrastructure monitoring and maintenance is an expensive and time consuming process. With the help of computer vision technology, a smart way of monitoring assets using drones and robots is possible. With our proposed hardware & software solution, companies can automate the asset monitoring process simply by taking pictures of their asset using off-the-shelf cameras and then uploading the images to our cloud server for post processing. The final result is a 3D model of the asset that will aid in inspection process.

Point clouds of the captured data representing spatial information of the area that was photographed

We are currently working on our hardware module and online platform for generating 3D models of an asset. An early demo of the online platform can be seen in our video above.

We are at a very early stages of development. Currently, we are focused on developing our SaaS platform but later in the pipeline, we will focus in designing our hardware platform.


Additional information about this project is shared on Angel list. Click here: https://angel.co/bitbytelab-1

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