VR Development using Unity

I have heard a lot about Unity but never had the time and energy to try the software on my own until now. I was blessed with a lot of time while visiting my family back home. As a night owl, I spend my time staring at the computer screen downloading free information from the internet.

I finally gave in one fine night and started following some brilliantly executed Youtube tutorials on Unity and Google VR plugin. While following the online tutorial, I made a silly “Hello [VR] World” program that run on Android using Unity. I have to admit, I had spend less programming while preparing for Unity VR example. For those who are hardcore programmer then Unity game engine also support C# programming for scripting the environment and characters of your choosing.

For those who don’t know, Unity is a game engine, more inline with Unreal game engine. It is powerful much like Unreal but is backed by some AMAZING developers who provide free material to the masses using Unity’s online Asset Store. Unity’s Asset Store is a place where users and developers provide free content that would allow other wannabe game developers [yours truly] and curious tinkerers [yours truly again] to start developing without spending a lot of time re-inventing the wheel.

Here are some of screenshots that I prepared while working on my Hello VR World example:

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